Lorraine Mahoney HeadshotAugust is suddenly upon us and the year is flying by at a dizzying pace. Our industry and our community see key indicators of recovery, and business is coming back with a vengeance, in many cases even faster than we are prepared to handle. So, as we focus on the second half of the year and set ourselves up for a successful launch into 2022, what needs to happen? We need to stay committed to our theme of INSPIRE, ENGAGE, IGNITE!

We will continue to prioritize incentive-focused education that is relevant to our unique membership, share the value of incentives beyond our community, and further increase our engagement with a personalized approach that recognizes each of you as a critical part of SITE Texas.

Get Involved!
I am so proud to share that thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Alexa Kinney, our VP of Membership, and her dedicated committee, we now have a record 34% of our membership engaged in volunteer activities! These Volunteers are growing their networks, creating new relationships, and contributing to our community. We need everyone’s talent, passion, and many different perspectives to help us shape our chapter’s bright future; we need YOU!

Share Your Ideas!
We value your input, so be on the lookout in the coming weeks for our second Annual Needs Assessment Survey. The few minutes you take to complete our survey will guide our future strategy and help us shape our chapter into our thriving community.

Share Your Enthusiasm!
My final call-to-action is to ask you to join the growing number of members participating in our complimentary awareness #IBUYSITE campaign launched by Lauren Dunnaway, our esteemed Past President, last Fall. Each of you, both Suppliers and Buyers, are encouraged to submit a short video clip sharing some of the many reasons to be part of SITE Texas and inspiring others to do the same.  Sharing your love for SITE Texas can be both fun and rewarding so get those cameras rolling!