Carbon Offsets

A Carbon offset is a way to counter your carbon footprint, or carbon emissions, by donating to a carbon offset project group.  These projects could range from planting trees, building wind farms, or installing environmentally friendly stoves in developing countries.

The single most significant contributor to an event’s carbon footprint is travel, which accounts for about 90 percent of the carbon emissions from an average event.  Over 30 airlines have introduced an offset program either integrated into their web-sales engines or a third-party offset provider.  Check your airline to see what carbon offset options are available.


You can also offset your event’s carbon footprint by purchasing offsets.  Use the calculators below to determine the carbon offset price for your event, then pick an offset project to receive your donation.  It’s more affordable than you think!


Also, consider building a voluntary offset donation into your event registration.  The average carbon footprint for an event attendee is 320 pounds of CO2e per day.  Building an offset donation into the registration is minimal for attendees and ensures that your attendees know the environment and sustainability are important to your company.

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