Director of Sales Meetings & Incentives for Fiesta Americana and Live Aqua Resorts
Casimiro, or Casey like we call him, covers the central south (TX. NM. CO. KS. MO, NE & OK) representing over 130 Hotels in Mexico, with an emphasis in the resort areas of Cabo, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta, with a very unique collection of All Inclusive Resorts.

My two favorite words are Gracias & Bienvenidos! I love Mexico, love Tacos, love Mariachi, love Tequila, love Mescal, love Mexican arts and crafts, love Mexican food, love Mexican Sunsets, love Mexican people and I have an immense passion for Mexican Hospitality.

Why SITE? Why not?… No, really: Is just a very special chapter with so many unique members both in the supplier and in the buyer category, just great minds, personalities and amazing partners and friendships. Site TX is not big but we think Big we do things with a big heart.

What’s coming up for you with SITE Texas? There is so much happening with SITE Texas. You might not see it but there are a lot of minds working extra hours to see how the chapter offers a worthy value to the members, with unique educational and networking events during the year.

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