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Conferences Designed

Responsibilities: As a small business founder and owner, my responsibilities are vast. However, my primary function and passion resides in creating and delivering stellar event experiences for my clients, no matter the size or type of event.

Something Interesting About Me: I am a “dog” person but avidly and actively foster baby kittens and senior cats. Adopt don’t shop!

Why SITE Texas: I have been an active member of a few other industry organizations, and have known about SITE for a few years. This year, it came back into my periphery and felt right for this time in my career. I have heard some wonderful things about SITE – including the focused goals of the organization and that it offers a positive and unpretentious vibe.

What is coming up for you with SITE Texas: I am excited to take the CITP exam in September of this year, become involved in the Texas Chapter and am super excited about SITE Global 2022 in Ireland!

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