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Responsibilities: You name it! As the owner of a destination management company, the list of responsibilities is endless. However, I feel that my most important responsibility is to coach, mentor, and serve as a sounding board for our team. And, after 26 years in the industry, I’ve also become a great problem solver too!

Something Interesting About Me: Two things (bonus!): My “zen” is 60 feet under. I’m a passionate scuba diver! However, on the surface, I could eat tortilla chips and salsa, all day every day. My business partner even gave me a t-shirt that says, “CHIPS. SALSA. REPEAT”.  It’s no accident I was born in Texas!

Why SITE Texas: Because it’s personal. I founded the SITE Texas chapter in 1998, and it’s an organization that I’m incredibly proud of. The world-class education that the current SITE Texas leadership is providing to our members (and others!) is outstanding.

What is coming up for you with SITE Texas: It’s hard to believe it’s almost that time, but I always look forward to the chapter’s holiday event and spending time with my SITE friends!

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