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Brightspot Incentives
Business Development Manager
SITE Texas Director of Social Media | michelle.crosby@brightspot.email


Michelle’s inspiring story:

As a 25+ year hospitality industry professional, Michelle held positions with several major hotel chains, 3 top rated DMC’s, and one professional sports team. Like everyone in the events industry, she too felt the sting of 2020 and the effects of pandemic after she got laid off in early September. 

 Michelle shares, “Last year I renewed my membership with SITE Texas and jumped straight into volunteering at the international level on the Sustainability Committee. At that time, I was gainfully employed so when the call for board positions went out from the Texas chapter, I jumped at the opportunity to serve locally. 

As luck would have it, 2-days before the announcement that I had been accepted as a board member, I was laid off from my job due to restructuring during COVID-19. As a long-time hospitality professional, I was stunned to find myself unemployed for the first time in 20 years. For 4 months I struggled to find employment as I worked 3 part time jobs to pay the bills. 

During the entire time, my SITE friends were always there for me. Cheering me on. Calling to check in. In true #SITEunite fashion, I was enveloped in warmth and support as various industry professionals jumped into action. During this time I also met Julie Blank, CITP with Brightspot Incentives & Events who told me about an opening at the company where she has enjoyed working for over a decade. In a few short weeks I was interviewing and accepting a job at Brightspot in the industry I love with people I admire and respect. I truly believe that my SITE membership saved my career!”

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