Hosts Texas Destination Services
General Manager

Responsibilities: As General Manager, I am responsible for attracting and recruiting high-level local talent, actively engaging and developing the team by employing our company mission and vision, and strategically directing and managing the day to day business operations of Hosts Texas.

Something Interesting About Me: Crafting and cooking meals is a passion of mine (when time permits) and one day I would love to be professionally trained in the culinary arts.

Why SITE Texas: My overall goal in all I do is to build brand loyalty for the organization I support through strong local relationships within the hospitality market. In addition, to also understand industry trends both locally and globally. That is where Site Texas comes in. Much like Hosts Destination Services, Site Texas promotes a level of advocacy and motivational experiences that I believe have a strong message to share not only within the great state of Texas but worldwide.

What is coming up for you with SITE Texas: Since rejoining Site Texas, I have joined the Site Global Sustainability Committee and am actively supporting the efforts of 5 Site chapters (including Site Texas) in obtaining the first certificate of sustainability. It is very exciting to be part of such an impactful mission that will have long lasting global impact.

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