Your Event- Little changes that make a positive impact! 

Small changes make a significant impact at events!  Check out the below ideas on sustainable measures that you can easily incorporate into your next event.

Reduce your transportation footprint: Encourage attendees to use ride-sharing and schedule group transfers over single rider sedans and taxis. Partner with transportation companies that use eco-friendly vehicles, such as hybrids or electric cars and busses.  Remind your transportation company and drivers not to sit idle when waiting for their riders.

Reuse banners: Don’t put an event date on those banners!  They are very toxic to the environment and do not break down in landfills.  Reuse the banners year after year by including only the event name and excluding the event location and the event date.  Also, a budget savings year after year.

Go Paperless.  Consider using an event app for the event agenda, hotel information, destination info and maps, and speaker bios.  These apps can also be used as crowdsourcing questions for your Q&A session as well as post-event survey follow-up.

Reduce Electricity.  Incorporate a 50% only lighting policy on move-in and move-out days.  Ask the venue to regulate the heat and air conditioning in meeting rooms & hotel rooms when not in use.

Reusable Bottles. Give all attendees a reusable water bottle and set up water stations instead of handing out bottled water.  When Microsoft incorporated this initiative into their events, they saved over $600,000!

Donate unused event items. Pick a local charity to donate unconsumed food, green room furniture, or office products after the event is over.  An excellent opportunity to give back to the destination and to save on post-event shipping costs. 

Giveaways.  Source an event gift or giveaway item from a Fair-Trade Company or Certified B Corporation.

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